What is Club Factory App What is Club factory App


 What is Club Factory App 

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What is Club Factory App What is Club factory App

club factory details 

What is Club Factory App - Friends, today is the era of fashion along with the digital age, and where everyone wants to look good.

For this, he does various types of fashion, wears expensive fashionable clothes, uses shoes, fog, mobile car, etc.,

So that he appears the smartest among other people. For this, people shop by visiting various online shopping apps.

One of those apps is the 'Club factory app', whose name and work have reached many people, and perhaps you have also seen the Club factory app.

Be shopping from, because it is such an online shopping platform, where you get many types of fashionable items,

Along with this, it is available at a very cheap rate, so this app (E-commerce company) has become popular in every country,

Because here all the products are different and cheaper than other products. Club factory app is an e-commerce company in China, founded on June 7, 2014.

Its headquarter is in Hangzhou Zhejiang (China). The Founder and CEO of Club Factory are Vincent Lou..

Who said that this app is the most downloaded in the world because its services satisfy all the customers.

Club factory app is a completely free app, which is 21.68MB in size and available in multiple languages ​​and has a rating of 3.6 on the Play Store.

What can you buy from the club factory? 

Club Factory app is an online shopping app from where you can buy expensive stuff at cheap prices because it is a Chinese app,

And on this Chinese goods are sold by most of the Chinese sellers. From here you can get all types of groceries, ladies, men's bags, wallets

Kids & Baby Fashion, School Bags, Sporting Goods, Fitness Goods, Automotive, Women's Men's & Kids' Shoes, Sandals, Home Appliances,

Electronics Accessories Various Jewellery, Accessories All Top Toys & Baby Products, Home & Living, Mobiles & Accessories, Ethnic Wear Beauty & Grooming Kids Women & Men Wear, etc. 

How to download Club factory App How to download Club factory App 

Club Factory app is very easy to operate and download, for this, you need to have an Android mobile.

The Club Factory app is a completely free app that you can download by visiting the Play Store and visiting its website. Download Club Factory App from Play Store in the following steps:- 

  1. To download the Club Factory app, first, you need to have an Android mobile phone with an internet connection.
  2. Now go to the play store of your android mobile phone and search the Club factory app
  3. Searching the Club Factory app will show you several results, with the Club Factory app at the top.
  4. Now click on the Club Factory app, here it will be written install, by clicking on which the Club factory app will be downloaded on your mobile phone.

Create an account on the club factory app How to create an account on the club factory 

All you have to do is download the Club Factory app and create your account on it, which is very simple. But it is also necessary to create an account, otherwise, you cannot shop. So follow the following steps to create an account on the Club Factory app:-

  1. First of all open the Club Factory app on mobile, then you allow all its permissions.
  2. After allowing all the permissions, you will get the option to select your country, then select your country and click on Continue.
  3. Now you have to suck your penis, you grow up by sucking males and females according to you.
  4. After this, the home page of the Club Factory app will open, where the account will be written, click on it.
  5. As soon as you click on the account option, login/sign up will come in front of you, then you click on it, which will bring you your Google accounts, if you click on any of these, then your account will be created.

Features of Club Factory Apps 

The biggest feature of the Club Factory app is that it is a fast downloading app, which is also very less in size, and it is also easy to run.

Whatever is available on the Club Factory app, is more attractive and durable than other accessories and at the same time, it is also cheaper. 

Various types of fashionable clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry, electronic items, books, toys, accessories, etc. are available on the Club Factory app at reasonable rates.

On making purchases through this app, various types of discount coupons are provided to the customer through this app, which reduces the price of the product.

Club Factory offers most of its customers up to 90% off and its main products are sold at ₹99 only.

There is also a feature called Spin and Win, through which you can win mobile phones and other types of electronic items.

You can also earn money through the Club Factory app, this Club Factory app also gives you the option of Refer and Earn. 

Club Factory Banned in India Is Club factory banned in India

On June 29, 2020, the Government of India closed about 59 Chinese apps in India. All these apps were closed keeping in view the security and sovereignty of India.

One of which is the Club Factory app, which was known to be the largest e-commerce company among the 59 apps that were closed.

Club Factory App, despite being banned in India, continued to provide its services in India for some time and continued to accept orders from India,

But after about 1 month, on 29th July, the work of Club Factory in India was completely stopped. club factory app business closed in India club factory

The e-commerce company suffered a loss of crores. There are many alternatives to the Club Factory app in India like Flipkart, Amazon, etc. where you can shop. 

Friends, in this article you have read about China's leading e-commerce company Club Factory App, hope you have liked this article.


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