CLUBFACTORY 5 best mobile company (world and india)


CLUBFACTORY 5 best mobile companies (world and India)


CLUBFACTORY 5 best mobile companies (world and India)


Somewhere in the world was discovered for the convenience of humans. Out of which mobile has become the most popular today. Every day millions of phones are sold all over the world. In such a situation, we have a question, which is the best mobile company whose mobiles sell more. Here we are telling about the 5 best and biggest mobile brands in the world. Also, it will be known which mobile company is good in India.

Most the Chinese mobile company's smartphones are seen in every country of the world. But still, most of the mobiles are sold by Apple and Samsung brandsApple company does not make many models like other brands. It only manufactures high-quality Apple iPhones. Samsung, on the other hand, makes mobiles keeping in mind every price range.

The Chinese company focuses on making budget mobiles apart from these. For this reason, their phones are the most sold in the budget of 10000 to 20000. Let us now understand which is the world's best mobile brand by all.

The 5 best mobile companies in the world

The mobile which gets the most likes and purchases by the customer. The same mobile maker company can be called the best. According to the statistics of the last few years, the mobile brands mentioned below are the best.

(1) Apple

Apple is a 45-year-old American company. Which has been making customers all over the world happy due to its excellent quality smartphones for the last few years. As soon as Apple's phone is released, people start lining up at the store. People start pre-booking on the online website.

Everyone wants to have a mobile with the cutout Apple logo. But due to this phone being expensive, it is bought less in some countries. Apple's place as the world's best mobile company has been paramount for many years.

(2) Samsung

The history of the South Korean brand Samsung is more than 80 years old. Samsung's electronic products are famous in most countries of the world. Samsung makes mobiles keeping every customer in mind. And gives full quality in every small big phone.

Samsung has the cheapest mobile with a keypad of 1000. And in the category of expensive phones comes the Samsung Fold mobile. Whose price remains around 1.5 lakhs. Along with selling good mobiles, Samsung company is also known for its excellent warranty service.

(3) Xiaomi

People also know Xiaomi by the name of Redmi and Mi. It is a Chinese electronic company founded in 2010. In the last 10 years, Mi's Redmi Note phones have become famous all over the world. In India, it was liked so much that the brand had to make new mobiles continuously.

Mi mobiles have become everyone's choice due to their good features and cheap price. Today, apart from mobiles, this brand also manufactures products like laptops, power banks, and headphones. There are mobile cells in India somewhere in China. But the highest-selling is of MI only.

(4) Oppo

Sometimes some mastermind companies instead of competing with other companies. Creating similar brands of its own takes them forward. Chinese company BBK Electronics has also done the same. First launched Oppo. Then launched the Vivo brand for a good camera.

OnePlus is made for premium quality smartphones. Finally created the realme brand such that premium phones and everything are good. Their first brand Oppo today comes the world's fourth-largest mobile company. Oppo was launched in the China market in 2004.

(5) Vivo

After 2015, a time had come, in which everyone wanted a smartphone with a good camera. In such a situation, Vivo, which was launched in 2009, started making the best camera mobiles. The quality was very good when the photo was clicked on his camera.

Due to this camera function, customers all over the world started liking the mobile. Keeping in view the talent of the customers, the company kept working on making similar mobiles. Gradually, the company started coming into profit with high sales. Today in 2021 this company is in fifth place at the world level.

The 3 best mobile companies in India

We are all familiar with companies like Apple, and Samsung. But do you know about the Indian mobile brand in your country? These Indian brands are not able to sell high globally. But she performs well in India.

(1) Micromax

No Indian brand was able to survive properly in front of Chinese mobile brands. In such a situation, Micromax launched In Note Series mobiles in 2020. Quite budget-friendly, these smartphones have been bought more than 1 lakh times. Most of which have got only positive reviews from customers.

Micromax, made in the year 2000, was very fast in the initial times. Delighted the customers with Kabhi Keypad Mobiles and Smartphones. Most of their mobiles are very cheap and of good quality. Also, every time we try to give some special features in our new mobile.

(2) Lava

Noida-based Lava Company, formed in 2009, was doing well in its initial period. But after the Chinese company entered the Indian market, Lava's business became weak. Nevertheless, looking at the overall performance, Lava is still considered the second-largest mobile brand in India.

If you want to buy their smartphones, then you get less than 10 thousand. But at present, very few new models are coming from their side. We do not know when this Indian brand will be able to stand again as before.

(3) Karbonn

Launched in 2009, the Indian brand Karbonn focuses only on making budget phones. Their cheap keypad mobiles have always been the choice of the people. In 2015, some cheap smartphones were also launched. Which went well to some extent, later the Chinese brand came and reduced their power.

The cheap Karbonn mobiles had spread to Nepal and Sri Lanka. At present, no new smartphone of this brand is being seen. Old keypad mobiles are being seen just on websites like Amazon.

I hope I have been successful in giving complete information about the best mobile company. See you in your next post till then take care.


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