Samsung's cheapest mobile phone 4G Smartphone in 5 thousand



Samsung's cheapest mobile phone 4G Smartphone in 5 thousand

The cheapest mobile phone from Samsung is Samsung Galaxy M01 Core. Which is available on Amazon for only 5 thousand. And if you buy it during the festive offers, it can be even cheaper. Samsung is a Korean brand that has been successful in winning the trust of Indian customers over the years. Most of the mobiles of this company used to be expensive earlier.

But due to the entry of Chinese mobile companies, Samsung also had to make cheap mobiles. Soon, Samsung came up with a great mobile at a price range of less than 10 thousand. In today's post, we will talk about the cheapest mobile phone available in this price range. And in the end, we will tell which mobile will be the best to take according to 2021.

    Samsung's cheapest mobile phone

    As I said Samsung is a very well-known and old company. To date, it has launched all the 4G smartphones. Among them, Samsung Z2 has been the cheapest mobile. But a few months after the launch of this phone, the sale had stopped.

    Because there was nothing good in the smartphone except a good brand. This phone completely disappointed its customers. That's why today this phone is not for sale, and even if it is available from anywhere, it should not be bought.

    At present, the cheapest and best mobile is Galaxy M01. And whatever good and bad things he has, he has been told in the review below.

      Samsung Galaxy M01 Core 5 thousand 4G Smartphone

      First of all, we would be deeply grateful to the Samsung company. Because he tried to give a phone with brand value keeping in mind the low budget. As soon as these 5 thousand 4G smartphones came on the market, people started ordering.

      In the end, many people were happy with their phones, while some people were also unhappy with the smartphone. Let us assume that about 60% of the customers liked the phone completely. And 40% of the customers did not like the mobile at all.

      The biggest problems with the phone were something like this, repeatedly overheating, turning off on its own. Screen, camera quality being decent, used to hang anytime. Due to these reasons, negative reviews were received from many customers.

      On the other hand, many customers were also happy that they got a phone with great features for just 5 thousand. If you follow my advice then you should not buy this mobile. Better than this, you can buy other Samsung models by increasing the budget a little. Now first of all take a look at the specification.

      • 5.3 inch HD Display
      • 8MP Rear, 5MP Front Camera
      • Android Go Version 10
      • 2GHz Mediatek Processor
      • 1GB RAM, 16GB Storage
      • 3000 mAh Battery

      Samsung's cheapest and best mobile

      Suppose your brand choice is very good but to buy a better phone it is important to focus not only on the price but also on its overall quality. And if a little more money goes for good quality features, then you should invest. This deal will be more beneficial than buying a cheap useless product.

      That is why we have prepared for you the cheapest mobile phone list of Samsung available for 5 thousand to 10. Including the Samsung Galaxy M01, but I leave it to you to decide on the purchase.

      In the list, you can clearly see that if you add a little more money, then Samsung's best mobile can be in your pocket. I hope that you will like whatever information I have given. If you like then please subscribe to the blog and share the post.


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