What is Refurbished Mobile and complete information to buy or not



What is Refurbished Mobile and complete information about buying or not

What is Refurbished Mobile and complete information to buy or not

Mobile manufacturing companies make millions of phones. Out of that, sometimes there is some problem in the product that has reached the customer. Like a 10 thousand smartphone was bought and the customer saw that the charging port is not working properly. So now that mobile will be returned and will come directly to the company. This is where the journey of Refurbished Mobile begins.

At the factory, that charging port of the mobile is repaired or replaced with a new one. Check the mobile again from all sides. In the end, the mobile is put back for selling which is called Refurbished Mobile. The price of this phone is reduced from 10 thousand to 8 thousand due to a small reduction.

Refurbished (Renewed) Meaning  

In simple language, if there is any deficiency in the new mobile or laptop, then it should be made right again. The same refurbished meaning means Refurbished. Like new, better than second hand.

The website offers this type of product under the name 2-3. Like Renewed on Amazon, Refurbished on 2GUD. So here the meaning of both Refurbished and Renewed has to be renewed.

  • Most mobile or laptop brands do not want to throw their new product in the garbage due to minor issues.
  • So he makes the mobile sent by the customer again like new.
  • They are given a grade according to the condition and repair of the mobile. So that the customer can understand what kind of refurbished product they will get.
  • You will find this type of Refurbished Mobile category on India's big shopping website.

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Advantages of Refurbished Mobiles

  • Do you think of buying any Refurbished Mobile or Laptop? So you understand that it will cost you cheaper than the original price.
  • This type of mobile is brand new. Plus you get full warranty support from the brand.
  • If you do not like it after buying the phone. So by returning it, you can get your money back.
  • Are you thinking of buying a second-hand mobile or laptop? So this refurbished from that old product would be good.

Disadvantages of Refurbished Mobile

  • Such mobiles are not new, they are made like new by repairing them.
  • Sometimes the accessories that come with a refurbished mobile are not available.
  • In some cases, this mobile also gets defective again.
  • Instead of the mobile original packing, a sample pack is given and given.

Whether to buy Refurbished (Renewed) Mobile or not

Whether to buy a refurbished mobile or not, they can decide based on the grade they get. After repairing and re-checking every mobile, a grade is given by the companyFrom this grade, we can understand what kind of product will be.

  1. Grade A – This mobile has been returned by the customer by using very little. In which there is hardly any problem.
  2. Grade B – A little more is used in this. Due to this damage and scratches can also occur on the phone.
  3. Grade C – Grade C mobiles are more damaged, which are known only after seeing.
  4. Grade D - It is good if you do not take this mobile because there is more problem and more use in it.

If you look at the basis of grade, then you should always take a mobile with grade A. Whose condition will be good and will be available at a cheap rate.

Buy refurbished phones only from a trusted website. Also, see that there you should get the facility of warranty and product return.

Below is a list of some of the best websites, from where you can buy refurbished mobiles with good convenience.

  1. Amazon
  2. 2GUD
  3. Cashify

What is the Process of Refurbished Mobile Key

Most of the mobile brands do some process before putting the returned mobile in the refurbished category. In this process, keeping in mind the problem of the customer, the main 5 steps are done.

  1. Function Check
  2. Software Update
  3. Complete Format
  4. Content Check
  5. Repairing Process

Apart from these 5, other minor checks are done in the factory. In the end, the mobile is ready by becoming brand new.

Most refurbished phones have only a few parts faulty. Which is corrected again by the company.

Why Refurbished Mobiles Are Cheaper

If the company makes 10,000 mobiles, then 50 pieces come in it in such a way that the customer gets in trouble. These 50 mobiles come back to the company. Now no brand wants to suffer its loss, it needs its money.

In such a situation, every effort is made to make those 50 mobiles like before. Most phones are new. The mobile becomes cheaper by having to go through the repair and check process again.

The company sells the mobile at the cheapest rate except for its main price. Also, warranty support is provided. Due to this, there is no loss to the company, and the customer also gets the mobile cheaply.

keep some important things in mind

Just like you buy a new product after seeing its good features and positive reviews. Do not do the same in Refurbished Mobile, here are some extra things to pay attention to. So that you do not lose anything in the pursuit of saving money.

  • Buy mobile-only from a good brand, which is reliable for years. Do not buy mobile of any redundant brand.
  • Buy the refurbished mobile from Amazon, 2Gur, or Cashify website only.
  • Before purchasing, make sure that the warranty is 6 to 12 months.
  • There should also be a facility to return the mobile. So that if you don't like it, it can be returned.
  • If possible, buy the same model which is new or a few months oldIt would be better if you do not buy a very old mobile.

Best Selling Refurbished Mobiles

In India, 2GUD is a website where only Refurbished Products are available. Till now lakhs of customers have shopped on this brand made by Flipkart. Below is the list of best-selling Refurbished Mobiles based on the 2GUD website.

  1. Apple iPhone 6 – ₹11,499
  2. Apple iPhone 6S – ₹13,499  
  3. Redmi Note 5 Pro – ₹6,999
  4. Redmi Note 4 – ₹5,900
  5. Realme 2 Pro – ₹7,199
  6. Oneplus 3T - ,900 7,900
  7. Redmi 3S Prime – ₹4,799

You can see in the list that the price of most of the best mobiles is very lowThis is the wonder of Refurbished, where products are available at cheap rates.

I hope that I have been successful in giving complete information on Refurbished Mobile. If you liked the post then do share it with your friends.


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